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When & Where : August 27, 2022 at the beautiful Lakeview Park in Saskatoon. 


The 9th Annual Beads of Courage-Canada Colour Festival Fun Run in honour of Doug Gillespie is BACK! 

Every year we have been able to give our Bead Families hope and encouragement through our Colour Festival Fun Run, which is not only a fundraiser but a Celebration of Courage. 

The Beads of Courage Program is needed now more than ever and we can't wait to have you join our TEAM! 

#BOCColourRun #BeadsofCourageCanada #BEadStrong 


The 2022 Colour Festival Fun Run Planning Team!
Jen Spitzig, Bev Coomber, Cheylyn Shipley O'Neil,
Dawn Erker and Amanda Schultz 

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